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What is HVAC System Maintenance ?

Posted on March 19th, 2014

HVAC Maintenance SystemWestern Heating & Air understand that HVAC system maintenance is a year-round concern. Exactly what is HVAC maintenance? Why does it matter to the effective function of these systems?

A Clean System Works More Efficiently

When discussing Orem, UT AC repair concerns with clients, a technician’s first question is likely to be “What is your HVAC cleaning schedule?” Cleaning is a primary form of HVAC system maintenance and should be performed on a regular basis. The frequency of cleaning will depend in large part on the size of the system. Residential systems can be cleaned once or twice a year when rising or falling seasonal temperatures result in increased system use. A commercial system may need cleaned more frequently since a greater volume of air is passed through it every day.

The fans in an HVAC system draw air from the building, pass it through the heating or cooling matrix, and then circulate it back through the ductwork to each room. Even though filters catch a large amount of the dust, allergens, and microscopic debris present in the air, some of this debris inevitably gets through and lodges on the fans. Over time, a considerable buildup accumulates on the fans. Commercial HVAC systems recirculate air several times a day and this buildup is blown back out into the building. Dirty fans waste money by not doing the job they were intended to. Clean fans circulate cleaner air and promote overall system efficiency.

Arrange for HVAC Maintenance

If you want to know what is the HVAC cleaning schedule that is best for your home or business, contact Western Heating & Air to discuss your maintenance needs. Soon you can enjoy a clean, efficient HVAC system.

Posted on March 14th, 2014

Air Conditioning Repair ContractorHomeowners are often looking for ways to save money and sometimes turn to do-it-yourself projects to leave more money in the bank. There are certainly times when making repairs on your own can be completed easily and without any issues, but fixing an air conditioner requires special skills and knowledge. At Western Heating & Air, we believe that there are times when you should contact an air conditioning repair contractor to fix the problem. Sometimes, trying to handle an issue on your own can result in making a mistake. When this happens, what would normally be an inexpensive fix could become a very costly repair.

Noisy Unit

Air conditioners are meant to run quietly and efficiently. If you notice that your unit has become noisier than usual, it may be time to call an Orem, UT air conditioning professional to take a look at your AC.

Low Airflow

Changing the air filter in your air conditioner can often solve this problem, but if you have already tried that, an air conditioning repair contractor can look to see if there is a problem with the blower that can be fixed or if it needs replacing.

No Cool Air

The whole point of an air conditioner is to cool your home during the hot summer months. If you notice that the air is coming out warm, then there is probably a problem that should be addressed by a professional.

Don’t put up with a faulty air conditioner this summer. Contact Western Heating & Air to schedule an appointment with an air conditioning repair contractor so that you can stay cool.

Posted on March 7th, 2014

Basics New HomeownersWelcome to homeownership! Your head is likely reeling with terms you have never heard or considered before like flush valves, aerators, and HVAC. What is HVAC, you ask? HVAC is an acronym that stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. It is the system that heats your home in the winter and cools your home in the summer. At Western Heating & Air, we are very familiar with HVAC systems and pride ourselves on our professional and knowledgeable HVAC services.

Basic Parts

So, what is HVAC exactly, and how does it work? In a nutshell, your HVAC system is a network of ducts and vents partnered with your thermostat, air conditioner and heater. Your air conditioner, of course, cools air in warm weather and your heater warms air in the cool weather. The air that these appliances put out is pushed through ventilation ducts that run throughout your home. These ducts are equipped with outlet vents to allow the cooled or warmed air to flow into the rooms of your home. Vents are likely spread evenly to maintain a comfortable temperature.

HVAC Maintenance

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems have many working parts. In order to ensure the proper functioning of your HVAC system, regular maintenance is critical. Important care tasks include:

Hopefully your question, “what is HVAC,” has been answered. First time homeownership can be overwhelming. Let us, Western Heating & Air, your Orem, UT HVAC service experts, help take some of that stress from you. Contact us today at 385-312-9472.

Posted on March 5th, 2014

Air QualityThere is nothing more important to human life than air. A person can live three weeks without food. A person can live three days without water. In severely cold harsh environments, as it can sometimes be in Provo and American Fork, Utah, a person can survive for three hours without the proper protective clothing. What does the “rule of threes” say about air? Insanely, a person can live but three MINUTES without air! Of course, having less than stellar air inside your home won’t cut your life to three minutes. However, each breath of bad air could shave minutes off of your life. Western Heating & Air Conditioning has some tips to protect your respiratory health by improving your home’s indoor air quality.

Some little things you can do (a penny of prevention saves a dollar of destruction):

1. Change the type of cleaning products you use in your home. Less toxicity in the product means less toxicity in your home (and the air)

2. Any open chemicals or paint should be sealed if still in use or disposed of if used up.

3. Make frequent use of the exhaust fans in your home. By removing airborne remnants of a cleaning or cooking session from your kitchen, or water vapor from the bathroom after a shower, you can prevent the inhalation or growth of any unsavory particles.

4. Regular heating and ac maintenance can help prevent any costly furnace repair or ac repair that might otherwise become necessary during the harsh seasons because of high use. Replacing the air filter can also help to keep your HVAC system working efficiently, saving you money and saving your lungs.

5. Bringing plants into your home can make a huge difference. Plants will absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful toxins from the air while releasing life-supporting oxygen in their place. A better and fresher trade is hard to imagine.

6. If you’re feeling fresh-depleted, you can install a fresh air intake to your existing air conditioning installation. This intake will bring fresh air from outdoors and bring it in. Now you can capture that wonderful mountain smell inside your home.

7. Getting your ducts cleaned can make a world of difference in the air quality in your home. With use comes build up of less than desirable substances and impurities. When trapped, these impurities can occasionally introduce mold into your air system and in really serious cases lead to a house fire. If your ac installation was done improperly, impurities have extra places to come in and breed, making each breathe a little harder. If you have any suspicions, air conditioning repair from a qualified institution can make a world of difference.

You may feel that your in home air is fine as is, but here are some interesting statistics that may change how you feel:

– The average person spends 90% of their time indoors

– Indoor air pollution is ranked in the top 5 environmental dangers by the EPA

– The air inside your home can be anywhere from 2 to 50 more polluted than outside

– The average person inhales 15,000 quarts of air EVERY DAY!

Polluted air in your home can be far more harmful than polluted air outside. Think about how you feel when you drive past smoke stacks puffing into the skies or the dark puff from the tops of diesel trucks. Imagine that dark puff floating through your living room.

There’s a lot that you can do to improve your air quality either by either small steps like the introduction of greenery into your kitchen and cracking a window or big steps like updating your old HVAC system and replacing it with one that works more efficiently and with less of an footprint on the world as well as your wallet. Western Heating & Air Conditioning can help with additional tips or estimate if you want to take larger steps to obtain larger gains toward clean breathing and healthier living. Take that first step today by calling us at (385) 312-9472 or contacting us online.

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