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Coolest House on the Block! FM100.3 and Western Heating and Air AC Giveaway

Posted on May 22nd, 2017



We have teamed up with FM100.3 again to bring comfort to someone special! This time we are giving away a brand new Air Conditioning system to a homeowner in Utah or Salt Lake County whom you feel stands out for something they have done, or something special that sets them apart as a neighbor, friend, etc. If they win, they will be named the “Coolest House on the Block” by FM100.3 and Western Heating and Air. Our techs will come and install a brand new AC unit to help keep them cool all summer long!

To nominate someone by May 31st, 2017  GO HERE



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Posted on May 17th, 2017

Case Study: A/C Tune-Up


Western Heating & Air Conditioning provides solutions to your HVAC problems.  See how we helped this customer cool his home again.


Russell and his family live in Provo and noticed that they couldn’t feel as much cold air coming through their vents and figured it was just a problem with their blower filter being clogged.  Like most people, they put the issue aside and forgot about it.  Thankfully they are Monument Club Members, so Western gave them a call reminding them that it was time for their routine tune-up at a discounted price.


One of Western’s Most Wanted Technicians, Adam, was sent to visit Russell for a tune-up.  Adam first checked the outside A/C unit before going inside to make sure the unit itself was working properly.  From the outside, Adam saw that the A/C looked clean and damage free.  It wasn’t until he unscrewed the cover to see how dirty and cluttered it was inside the A/C unit.

AC case studyThere were cobwebs, leaves, and dirt everywhere.  After a 30 point Precision Tune-Up, Adam found that the A/C was working properly.  Like every tune-up Western does, Adam took the time to properly clean and clear out the inside of the A/C unit to prevent it from potential break downs or issues in the future.


Adam spoke with Russell and let him know that his diagnosis of the issue was that the system just needed to be cleaned and serviced.  He also mentioned that there was nothing wrong with the A/C unit besides that it was dirty on the inside, which could cause several problems in a few years since his A/C was 10 years old.  Adam helped switch the filter in Russell’s vents and had the A/C blowing cold air again.  Russell was glad he got a tune-up to rejuvenate his A/C and keep it in great shape and that Adam showed him how to keep his A/C clean so that it’d extend the life of the unit.


1)  A/C units have an average 15 year lifetime.  Around this time different parts begin to wear and the unit can break down.  If your A/C is routinely maintained then you may be able to extend the life for several additional years.  That’s why we’ve provided the Monument Club for customers so we can keep track of their A/C for them!

2)  A/C units are easy to clean!  Adam has said that anyone can simply screw the cover off their unit, check what’s inside, and clean it out. Simply, all you need to do is to remove any debris, hose the outside and inside, and if any of the outside fins are bent, grab a butter knife and straighten them out!  There is a lot more to a tune-up than that, but those 3 things are basic things that homeowners can do.

3)  Every A/C is different, so be sure to call Western Heating & Air Conditioning today to have a technician come out to give your A/C tune-up to keep it running great.  It could save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars down the road to take a few minutes to clean and service your A/C unit.


Call 801-375-COOL or visit our website at timeforcomfort.com!


Posted on May 13th, 2017

Lighten Mom’s Load!

Happy Mother’s Day! One of the biggest blessings in my life is the opportunity I have to be the mother of my four amazing children. They bring me joy with beautiful flowers, sweet love notes, and lots of cuddly hugs. But along with the joy they also bring me the challenges of broken hearts, scraped knees, and endless loads of laundry. I’ve learned a band-aid and a hug can go a long way, but what about the laundry?

Nine months ago my husband introduced our family to an amazing product that made  our laundry process not only easier, but actually saved me hundreds of dollars! It is called the Laundry Pro by Areus. It’s a unique system that is installed next to the washing machine and only uses cold water. It also eliminates the need for detergents, bleaches and fabric softeners for good! This is great news for families who have allergic reactions to harmful chemicals found in detergents.

snow family

This is a simple technology has been utilized in hospitals and hotels all over the world, and now it’s available for your home. By using a patented process, cold water runs through the system and is infused with oxygen and peroxide gases that cause the water to bubble and fizz. This, in turn, causes the water to actively lift the grime and dirt from the fabrics while also fluffing the materials as well. I have noticed my towels are so fluffy and not weighted down by extra residue left from the detergent. 

laundry pro

Since the installation of our Laundry Pro, laundry time has been a breeze; even the kids can use it! There is no more measuring, detergent spills, and I’m saving hundreds from not buying detergent anymore. I’m also enjoying my energy bill savings. This has been a fabulous investment for our family. 

Western Heating & Air Conditioning is an authorized dealer in Utah County and we are now installing these units in homes. We have a wonderful a Mother’s Day special on the installation of a new Laundry Pro. Call 801-375-COOL to lighten mom’s load and start saving her loads of money! Find out more at www.TimeForComfort.com/quarterlyspecials. 

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Posted on May 7th, 2017

The Best of Utah Valley Contest Results Are In!

2017 best of Utah Valley magazineBest Of Utah Valley 2017 RibbonFirst off we want to give a big THANK YOU to our loyal followers who voted for us in both The Best of Utah Valley Magazine and The Daily Herald’s Best of Utah Valley contests! It was fun to watch the votes pouring in. We appreciate you all so much!

We got the results back and we are happy to say we placed in the Top Three in both contests for the Best HVAC company! 

When we first began almost a decade ago, we weren’t sure exactly how things would turn out. Would we be able to compete with all of the other HVAC companies in Utah County and still keep with our small town, family values? We made a commitment to never place monetary goals over the needs of our customers. We have worked hard to keep our honest reputation, and based on our customer’s feedback, we feel we have been able to hold true to our commitment.

Placing in the top three for Best of Utah Valley means a lot to us and our team. It shows our dedication to honest, hard work and a customer focused mindset has paid off, and that YES we can compete with the big guys! We couldn’t however, do it without all of you. Thank you again for your support and for taking the time out of your busy day to vote for us. Here’s to being number one next year :)!

To show how much we appreciate you, we are offering all our customers a special offer on A/C tune-ups this spring, called our Spring Rejuvenation Tune-Up!

To schedule yours, just call our office at 801-375-COOL or Schedule Online. Happy Spring!

spring rejuvenation tune up

Attention Monument Club Members: One of our Most Wanted Techs will be servicing your A/C unit shortly! Not a Monument Club member? Click here to join and save today!

Looking for more ways to enjoy a Spring Clean home? Click Here Now

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