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Awesome Family Bonding Activities

Posted on June 24th, 2020

For weeks many families have been stuck at home. Some of you are busy working from your new home office or had a chance to try your hand at homeschooling. Or maybe you’re out there working as usual. Regardless of your situation, the extra time at home allows you to either get on each other’s nerves or bond more strongly (or both). Here are some awesome family bonding activities that will bring you all closer together.

Go for a walk

A walk in nature or simply around the block allows you to get exercise together and spend quality time away from screens and other distractions. Just make sure to do it safely, adhering to social distancing.

Board games

Since the development of video games, your board games have probably sat in a closet languishing. Pull them out and let the fun begin. Just don’t get too competitive (and let the kids win once or twice).


Enjoy Family Game Night

Card games

Cards aren’t just for gambling. Those little packs of stiff paper can give hours of fun, and with the varieties of games, you’ll never get bored. As with the board games, remember to keep your competitive side in check.

Movie night

Instead of having everyone stare at their small screen, get some popcorn going, and gather everyone in front of the TV for a family movie. This is great for a rainy afternoon or chilly evening.

Finger painting

Keeping a house clean and tidy with little ones running around might be a daily challenge. But if you schedule some mess-making fun, your kids might be more willing to listen when you ask them to pick up their toys. Maybe. In any case, you’ll have a fantastic piece of art to remind you of the days when hands were little.

Backyard fun

As the temperature rises, take full advantage because winter will come again. You can even make it productive by growing a home garden or turning mealtimes into picnics.

Prayer and meditation

You know the saying, “the family that prays together stays together.” Places of worship are closed, but you can bring it into your living room as a family.

Tickle monster games

Any silly made-up game that has everyone running through the house laughing is sure to bring you closer together. Just put away the crystal vase first, so you’re not yelling at everyone to be careful.

Alone time for each family member

Yes, you can have too much time together. Allow everyone an opportunity to spend alone time on their favorite hobby or just reading a book. With this opportunity to rejuvenate, you’ll get along better when you do spend time together.

At Western Heating & Air Conditioning, we relish our families and strive to grow similar relationships with our clients and our employees. We are always here when you need us for your family’s home comfort. Call us at 385-273-3200 or visit us at www.WesternHeatingAir.com or our Facebook page to see what we like to do with our families. Here’s to hoping you and your family will use these awesome family bonding activities to grow stronger together. 


Posted on June 17th, 2020

Is your Dad afraid to use the AC because of the utility bills? He might be concerned that your energy usage is about to climb with the temperature. However, there are some simple ways to reduce your power consumption while staying cool. Let us help you cool Dad off on this Father’s Day, and every day, with these 9 simple ways to reduce your AC usage this summer!


In the days before air conditioners were standard for residential use, fans were the default cooling devices. When the temperature isn’t too high, like in the early morning or evening time, shut down your AC unit to save on energy.

Increase your thermostat setting by one degree

You might be comfortable at 70 degrees, but your body won’t notice if it’s 71 degrees instead. Over the long term, this small change can help save on energy, especially if you raise the temperature by a couple more degrees.

Night setback

As with heating, you can reduce energy consumption at night by lowering the demand for cooling. A programmable thermostat allows you to set this and forget it while reaping the benefits.

Wading pools and sprinklers

On a really sweltering day, make use of the cooling effects of water. As long as your city isn’t dealing with drought conditions, pull out the blow-up pool or run through the sprinkler while you wet the lawn. The kids will love it!

Stay hydrated

Staying cool involves keeping your body’s internal temperature just right. Stay hydrated with cold water to lower the demand for your AC unit.

Strategic tree planting

Trees provide shade and can lower the temperature around your home by a couple degrees. Shading your windows and even the air conditioning unit itself will reduce its energy demand.

Close your curtains or blinds

A tree outside your window isn’t the only way to get shade. Close your curtains to buffer your room from the heat and reduce your AC’s energy consumption.

Maintain your unit

A properly maintained air conditioner uses less energy. Have your unit tuned up to keep it running without consuming too much power. We have a great savings program, our Monument Savings Club, that will give you priority service, repair discounts, and keep your system maintained for only $10 a month!

Western Signature Series

Western Signature Series system

Upgrade to a high-efficiency AC

On a hot day, there is only so much that an alternative form of cooling will provide. The best way to reduce the energy consumption of your air conditioning unit is to select one that uses less electricity. Consider upgrading to a high-efficiency unit to keep cool without overspending on energy.

If you need help upgrading your system, give the experts at Western Heating & Air Conditioning a call, and we can help keep you cool and save on energy this summer. Learn more about our new Western Signature Series line of AC equipment on our website at www.WesternHeatingAir.com.

Follow these 9 simple ways to reduce your AC usage this summer, and you’ll see the savings on your next utility bill.

We also want to wish all of our Western Heating & Air fathers a very Happy Father’s Day!

Posted on June 10th, 2020

Air conditioning makes our lives so much better. Whether you live in an area that is only hot in the summertime or in an area where temperatures are high all year round, you know that these days, it’s hard to live without it.

Most businesses we visit and offices where we work are air-conditioned, and close to ninety percent of American homes have some sort of air conditioning inside.

However, despite our love and near-obsession with artificial cooling for comfort, many people still ask “how often should air conditioning units be serviced?”

Most people do not know the answer. Air conditioning works great until it doesn’t. To ensure that your air conditioner will keep doing its job all summer long, you need to have it serviced on a regular basis. To find out how often that should be, read on.

Why Air Conditioners Need Servicing

You likely don’t often think about the way your air conditioner works. You just know that it does work, and that’s good enough for you.

However, when you take the time to think about it, it makes sense that air conditioners need to be cleaned and serviced. Taking good care of your air conditioning unit will not only help it to work well when you need it, but it will also ensure that it is functional and efficient for years to come.

As with everything HVAC related, air conditioners contain filters that can get dirty and clogged. The coils can get dusty and grimy, and the condensate drain can become backed up, which can result in water damage over time.

Furthermore, parts may degrade over time. When you schedule a service, cleaning, and maintenance visit, the technician knows what to look for to determine if a breakdown may be in the future. Then he or she can pre-emptively replace these parts so you don’t have any interruption in air conditioning service.

Some people don’t realize that air conditioners need servicing, and as a result, their air conditioner doesn’t work as well as they might like. Once you learn that your air conditioner needs regular maintenance, you will find that it cools your home or business better and that you feel more comfortable throughout the summer months as a result.

What an Air Conditioner Service Entails

When an air conditioner technician comes to your home or business, he or she will do several things to make sure your air conditioner is and remains in tip-top shape.


First, the technician will clean or replace your filter. A filter’s job is to ensure that air quality in your home is as good as it should be, and when it is dirty, it can’t do that job. A dirty air filter will also make your air conditioner work harder than it should which can result in a shortened lifespan down the line.


Another part of your air conditioner that can get dirty is the coils. When dirt and dust accumulate on the evaporator coils, the coils become somewhat insulated. If that happens, the coils will be unable to absorb heat from the air and their efficiency will be inhibited greatly.

Condensate Line

The condensate line removes the moisture that builds up inside the air conditioner. Because this water is dirty due to dust in the air, over time, the build-up of this dust can create clogging. This will increase the amount of humidity in the air inside the unit which will cause it to operate inefficiently, and the water in the line can cause water damage to the unit overall.

Wear and Tear

An HVAC technician will also look over the entire unit and check for wear and tear and leaks. If he or she finds any of these issues, they can be repaired on the spot.

Leave It to the Professionals

Although some of these maintenance tasks can be completed by the homeowner or business owner, it’s really best to leave an annual servicing to the professionals. Air conditioning technicians have years of experience and training on all types of units, and as a result, they may be able to pick out issues that you may overlook.

Every air conditioner brand and model is set up a little different from the others, so professional maintenance will be the most effective way to make sure your air condition keeps running strong this season and for many seasons to come.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced?

The answer to the question of how often should air conditioning units be serviced is an easy one. Ideally, they should be serviced once a year.

The best time of year to service an air conditioner is in the springtime. That way, you can be sure that your air conditioner will be in optimal condition on the very first hot day when it arrives.

Because many individual homeowners and business owners know this, the companies that service air conditioners are often quite busy in April and May of each year. It’s wise to make an appointment as early as possible to ensure that your air conditioner will get the annual service that it needs.

Service Your Air Conditioner Today

Now that you know the answer to the question of how often should air conditioning units be serviced, what are you waiting for? If your air conditioning unit has not been serviced in quite some time, there’s no time like the present to have it done.

Once you get it checked out once, you can get on a regular schedule and make sure that it is serviced once every spring. That way you can enjoy the best possible cooling in your home or business when the weather gets hot.

It gets hot in Utah early and often. If you are looking for a reliable, affordable company to service your air conditioner now and in the future, please give us a call today. We can’t wait to meet you, and we can’t wait to ensure that you’ll be nice and cool all summer long.

Posted on June 10th, 2020

Western Heating and Air Awards over $1,500 to local High School Seniors and Creates a Virtual Yearbook for the Class of 2020!

Orem, Utah: Western Heating and Air Conditioning recently announced the three high school seniors from Utah County high schools that received a $500 Scholarship to the school of their choice! This scholarship program is a significant move for Western Heating and Air on its mission to support the class of 2020 and continuously give back to the communities in which they service!

The winners of the $500 scholarships were Jaysha Palumbo of Salem Hills High School, Spencer Standing of Mountain View High School, and Emilynne Carr of American Heritage School.

“It’s always been our goal to stay connected to our community. Giving back to these seniors has been so fun, especially since this was a rough ending to their senior year,” says Angie Snow, Co-Owner of Western Heating and Air Conditioning. “These amazing seniors are the leaders of our future, and we need to support them and their future endeavors. We also awarded each senior that submitted their photo for our virtual yearbook a Maverik gas card to help give them a little motivation to “not take their foot off the gas pedal” with their future! It was just so much fun!”

Western Heating is also awarding Salem Hills High School with an additional $500 in cash on behalf of the class of 2020 because their school had the most participation in their virtual yearbook.

This news comes in the wake of many recent initiatives and accomplishments of the company, including:

· Giving back to local schools and non-profit charities in recent giveaways

· Supporters of the Emily Effect

· Annual Gift of Heat Program, awarding a new furnace to a family in need

“Our mission is to serve our community, and always do the right thing,” said Western Heating’s President, and Co-Owner, Ryan Snow. In referring to his company’s Red Handkerchief Promise, he adds, “We come from a great heritage of doing things the right way. I know that’s why our company has had so much success. We love building relationships with the members of our community.”

To learn more about Western Heating and to visit their virtual yearbook, visit www.TimeForComfort.com, or call them at 801-515-2448.

About Western Heating & Air Conditioning: Western Heating has been providing heating and cooling repair, service, and replacement for over 25 years to Utah Valley and South Salt Lake County with an office in Orem and Lehi. They service, repair, and replace all makes and models of air conditioners and furnaces. They specialize in indoor air quality, airflow, and overall home comfort.

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