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Teacher Grants Available

Posted on July 30th, 2020


It’s back to school time, and we know our teachers are working extremely hard to prepare safe, and effective classrooms for their students, so we’re initiating a Red Handkerchief Teacher Grant. At Western Heating & Air Conditioning, our Red Handkerchief Promise is all about doing the right thing. We love our teachers in the Utah Valley, and we want to give back to them.

As a teacher myself, I’m passionate about the classroom and want the very best for our students. Now, more than ever, we want to support our teachers as they are going back to school in these uncertain and challenging times.

Western Heating & Air is pleased to announce that we will be awarding ten Red Handkerchief Teacher grants, worth $250 each! It’s very easy to nominate a deserving teacher. Simply visit our website at www.WesternHeatingAir.com and fill out the submission page for a chance to win. Please see the website for additional rules.

Red Handkerchief Teacher Grant

If you know of a worthy teacher, please share this with them and have them enter before August 14th. We will announce our winners on August 17th. Our amazing teachers are working harder than ever, so we also have a special $50 gift certificate to be used toward a heating or cooling tune-up, as a thank you,  for each teacher that enters. We wish all of the teachers and students an amazing school year!

Posted on July 24th, 2020

how to clean ac unit

Bad air quality can drive you insane during the summer. As if the heat beating down and you’re sweating bullets all-day isn’t enough; now you have to breathe dusty air that makes you wheeze? No thanks.

What makes dirty air even more inexcusable is that you can avoid it.

Air conditioning units are like employees; you have to pay attention to their wants and needs if you want them to produce high-quality work for you. AC units don’t last forever, and you need to understand when they need their parts changed.

Over time these systems experience wear and tear like any other equipment, but the more on top of their maintenance you are, the more relaxed you’ll feel.

No more hopping out of the shower and feeling the sweat start to ooze down your forehead the second your foot touches the bathroom floor. Read on and discover the ultimate, “how to clean AC unit,” guide.

Air Conditioner Cleaning Tips

Before delving into a thorough discussion on how to clean your AC unit, there are a few tips to keep in mind. For starters, cleaning your AC takes time and practice. The first time you wash it, it might be frustrating.

But the process becomes more natural, and the easier it becomes, the less you resist it. Aspects of the cleaning process are technical and require precision movements. These functional parts are the ones that might frustrate you at first.

On top of learning the cleaning processes, a lot of AC units require special tools for cleaning. Because some maintenance needs professional help, if you notice a severely damaged component, don’t try to fix it yourself.

Condenser Coils and Evaporator Coils

Understanding the difference between condenser coils and evaporator coils is essential to clean your air conditioner. There are outdoor and indoor components to the air conditioning system, and each has different types of coils you need to learn how to spot.

Elevator coils are in the interior part of the unit and are made of copper. The reason they are made of copper is that they conduct heat efficiently and contain coolant. As warm air passes over the top of the coils, the refrigerant evaporates into a gaseous state.

After the coolant turns to gas, the air transfers to the outside unit, where it passes through the compressor and condenser coil. Finally, the condenser coil releases heat into the surrounding air by running through the exhaust fan.

Cleaning your AC unit requires both indoor and outdoor care.

Cleaning Your AC Unit Inside

It’s not imperative to start cleaning from the inside, but since you’re already there, it’s as good a place as any to begin. Here are the steps to take.

1. Cut the Power to the Air Conditioner

No one wants to be electrocuted in the name of clean air, so first, turn your air conditioner off. Because turning off the power at the breaker box means you will have no lights, your air conditioning duties are always daytime.

2. Open the AC Unit

Blower units have doors to the evaporator coil. Depending on your unit, you might have to remove the duct tape covering the coil. There might also be a few bolts or screws holding the door in place.

3. Clean the Evaporator Coils

The main build-up you try to remove from the evaporator coils is dust. Because dust is fine, try using a more delicate material, such as a soft brush. Because dust often covers the coils, it might be wise to wear a mask.

Use a no-rinse cleaning solution from your local DIY store. Spray the foam evenly on the coils and make sure it reaches every spot, even those inaccessible by hand.

4. Clean the Drain Pan

After the cleaner settles, and finishes its task, move on to the drain pan. A simple combination of soap and hot water will do the trick. Pour a bleach solution down the drain to prevent algae build-up.

6. Close the AC Access Panel

After cleaning the drain pan and making sure it’s not clogged, reattach the access panel with the screws you used. Do not cover the manufacture label; technicians need to be able to see it to perform maintenance.

If there is anything out of the ordinary while you complete this process, you may want to speak to a technician to see what needs fixing. A-frame evaporator coils, for example, have tight access components closed on both ends.

If you haven’t cleaned A-frame evaporator coils in a while, chances are, you’ll need professional help.

Cleaning Your AC Unit Outside

Cleaning the outside unit is more of a challenge. It’s more challenging because the outdoor condenser coils require more labor than the inside coils. Outdoor coils are more challenging to clean because of their exposure to the elements.

Because of the higher exposure to elements, outside coils require special cleaning tools.

1. Disconnect and Remove AC Grille

First, turn the power off before starting. Unscrew the unit at the top. Once you remove the screws, remove the fan unit and grille. Most grille units don’t require disconnecting any wires.

2. Remove Debris From Air Conditioner

Most air conditioning units contain debris that accumulates at the bottom of the air conditioner. Lower-cost units don’t have guards that protect the AC from debris.

If you have a lower level air conditioner, you may have leaves and twigs at the bottom. Remove all debris.

3. Clean the AC Coils and Fins

Cleaning the AC coils and fins requires a coil cleaning solution. Coil cleaning solutions can be caustic, and you should handle them with care to avoid chemical burns and poisonous fumes.

Add the solution as directed to the pump sprayer. Then, spray it onto the coils. After it settles, wash the solution off with your hose. Avoid high-pressure water, so you don’t damage the fins.

4. Re-Adjust the Fins

When your fins bend, they reduce airflow, which is why straightening them is vital. Fin tools are easy to use, affordable, and straighten your fins perfect.

Fixing your fins is a simple process that only requires you to comb fins back into place.

5. Clean the Perimeter of the AC Unit

After you replace the fan cage, make sure no debris is near the unit. Debris can inhibit airflow and cause increased costs.

Cleaning the AC Filter

Cleaning the AC filter is the most crucial part of cleaning your air conditioning system. It requires you to follow four simple steps:

  1. Vacuum the filter
  2. Soak the filter
  3. Spray the filter
  4. Dry the filter

If your filter is severely damaged, don’t hesitate to contact professional help.

How to Clean AC Unit 101

Next time you type, “how to clean AC unit,” remember, it’s all about cleaning the coils and the filter. As long as you keep those clean and classy, you’ll be basking in the sweet relaxation of cold refrigerated air.

Check out our fantastic services and never spend a moment dripping in sweat again!

Posted on July 15th, 2020

6 Ways to Lower Your Hot Water Energy Consumption

If you are looking for ways to reduce your hot water energy use, the first thing you might consider is lowering your heater’s set point, especially for a tanked water heater. After all, your tank stores hot water that stays unused for most of the day, right? Unfortunately, you cannot lower this temperature too much, or you increase the risk of legionella and other nasty germs growing in your heater. Here are 6 ways to lower your hot water energy consumption.

Shorter showers

The most basic way to use less energy for hot water is to use less water overall. Most people have longer showers than necessary, and even a small reduction in running water time will save you money in the long run.

Turn off water

Speaking of reducing the amount of time for running water, the old water-saving advice of turning off the faucet while soaping your hands and brushing your teeth apply here. You will save on two bills: water consumption and energy.

Lower temperature of water at faucets

You might not be able to set your tank temperature too low, but you can certainly control the temperature of the water coming out of your shower and faucets. You don’t have to have cold showers to save. A slightly cooler temperature is enough to reduce your hot water energy consumption.

Use your dishwasher

Reap the benefits of germ-killing and grease removing heat without the consumption. Dishwashers use less water per full load than continuous running water to do the same amount by hand. Just be sure to fill up the dishwasher to reap the benefits. If you don’t have a dishwasher, fill your sink with soapy water and get those dishes done without excessive amounts of hot water pouring down the drain.

Wash clothes in cold water

With the right detergents, you can get clean clothes while using little to no hot water. Some items need to be washed in hot water, but for everything else, use cold water and see your energy bill go down.

Install a high-efficiency water heater

Most of the ways mentioned here are related to your everyday habits. However, switching to a high-efficiency water heater will help you even more. Maintain your water heater to ensure maximum efficiency or consider a full upgrade altogether.

We know these 6 ways to lower your hot water energy consumption will come in handy and save you money. If you need to discuss your options for saving water heater energy, give us a call at 385-273-3200, and we can help you. Learn more about saving energy on our website at www.WesternHeatingAir.com.

Posted on July 9th, 2020

Tired of High Utility Bills? Try Solar!

Are you tired of high utility bills? Try solar! There are a lot of solar companies in Utah, so you might be wondering why we decided to partner with Complete Solar instead of some other option. The short answer is Complete Solar is just better.

Tired of high utility bills? Try solar

Solar Panels

A Wide Range of Panel Options

Amazing Deals

Amazing Deals

Amazing Deals

Tying it together

Tying it together

Tying everything together is their specialty

Install in less than 30 days

Install in less than 30 days

The average install time is 30 days


Here’s what some of our customers say about their solar.




When you combine solar panels with a heat pump, you’re savings jump even more! With the fantastic financing options available, there’s a good chance you won’t have a monthly increase in payments because of all the money you’re saving on your utility bills. 

So if you’re tired of high utility bills, try solar! To learn more about solar or a heat pump, give Western Heating and Air a call at 385-273-3200 or visit us at www.WesternHeatingAir.com, and we can go over all the ways we can help save you money.


Posted on July 1st, 2020

3 Things to Check when your AC Stops Working

The summer months can be challenging, and your AC unit can be the best way to keep you cool when the weather outside is scorching hot. You may feel that the air inside your home isn’t as cool as you’d like it to be. This could motivate you to seek the assistance of an HVAC professional. However, does your AC actually need repairing, or is this something you can fix on your own time? Knowing these 3 things to check when your AC stops working can save you time and money and without a call to a service company.

Check the Breakers

It’s not uncommon for the breaker in your home to trip and need resetting. If this happens, it can prevent your AC from coming on, and this will instantly cause your home to be uncomfortable.

Before you call on a repairman, simply check the breakers to ensure it hasn’t tripped, because this is something you can fix yourself.

Check the Thermostat

It’s important to look at the thermostat on your unit if the AC suddenly goes out of service. Be sure to check the batteries to ensure these are still working properly.

Consider replacing the batteries before calling a professional to look at your AC unit because this could fix the issue entirely.

Checking batteries on thermostat

Checking the batteries on your thermostat

Check the Filter

The last of the 3 things to check if your AC stops working is your filter. If you have a filter that is dirty or clogged it may need replacing. One sign that indicates this should be done is if the air in your home isn’t getting as cool as it should. We find that 75% of our service calls in the summer could have been prevented if the filter had been changed.

Doing this one simple thing could also reduce your energy costs as much as 5% or more annually.

Let Us Help!

At Western Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re here to help if you can’t resolve your AC problem by yourself. Be sure to visit us online at www.WesternHeatingAir.com or give us a call at (385)-273-3200 today to schedule an appointment!

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